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Breeze Airways Flights Booking

Breeze Airways, a domestic US airline, first flew in May 2021. This airline connects cities in mid-sized America that are otherwise inaccessible via direct flights. They currently fly to the Mid-South and Southeast as well as the Northeast. It currently flies to over 15 destinations. The airline's primary goal is to provide low-cost, high-quality services. The airline operates point-to-point flights, unlike many airlines. It is not located at one airport but flies a limited number of Breeze Airways routes between different destinations. With 39 nonstop Breeze Airways flights connecting 16 cities across the United States, the airline launched operations. The first flight joined Charleston and Tampa. After receiving training at the headquarters in Utah, employees are assigned to different airports throughout the country. These include South Carolina, Virginia, Charleston and New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Breeze Airways flights

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Breeze Airways Flights

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