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Logan Morris
Logan Morris

Calibre 4.6.0 For MacOS !!HOT!!

Automate calibre by chaining actions together and running them through a menu or a keybaord shortcut. Choose from calibre actions, your own custom actions, or from plugin builtins. Run chains automatically in response to events. Includes a Formulas action to do calculations on multiple rows.

Calibre 4.6.0 For MacOS

Automate various tasks in Calibre's ebook editor. Plugin allows to chain multiple actions together. You can choose from Plugin specific actions, calibre builtin actions, or create you own actions through the plugin's module editor.

Today I tried to remove the DeDRM from one book I am planning to read on holidays. But now the Plugin did not remove the DeDRM at all.I have allready tried to reinstall calibre (now v2.62) and already installed the latest DeDRM removal plugin. but nothing changed.Then I tried to update Adobe Digitals Edition to 3.0 did not work either.So I have no clue what I am doing wrong because the plugin already worked 6 months ago. 350c69d7ab


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